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Join to our company as sub contractor and begin to build our nation.


we fully support the green economy projects by presenting a renewable resource and environmentally friendly technologies.


We are committed to our project as soon as possible with scheduling and Management of time to do, and providing competitive prices and best production.


we give full support to the service and quality of the products we produce to provide warranty and insurance for a maximum of 6 months after production


for after-sales guarantee we provide services for the maintenance and use of damage for an agreed period


we have factory support an international standard with ISO certificates and we have self-support for the production of garments with modern equipment


The price we offer is a guarantee of preference very attractive, with the best price and best quality products we have ever present


Our company is engaged in the procurement of goods and services to the government through electronic auctions

Company Profile

The Company has been authorized as Komanditair using the name Commanditair Vennotscap: C.V "MEDIA SOLUTIONS" which was created by the bi Yulianti Nastiti, S.H, M.H, M.Kn. as Notary Public Land Deed Officials Auction Class II Surakarta on July 2014 until today engaged in the Garment Industry, Craft Industry, Graphic Design, Digital printing, Advertising, Computer and Engineering informatics, and general trade with the main products of bags and field digital printing services, and wholesale goods. The ability of our company is supported by experts the field of fashion designers, equipment and machinery are adequate and modern. With the experience, equipment and other facilities that we have, we will be able to support the smooth running of our business

Contact Info

  •   +62 271 6881635 +62 81 227 240010 +62 85 642 080209
  •   Jl. Tangen-Galeh Km8, No.16, Ngrombo, Tangen, Sragen


good cooperation guide us in creating a quality project, in order to generate equitable development
in collaboration with cv media solusi very convenient for working with a clean, transparent and full of integrity makes all of our projects meet all the specifications outlined, and the work output of the highest quality. we believe fully with any project that was done by cv media solusi, and is able to do the work in a very short time, and can adjust according to the conditions and circumstances at any time to change, so do the project in a flexible and timely implemented

ULP DIsnakertrans DIY

Cv media solusi is our partner company since many years, every time we can contact for every project that we have, especially the provision of direct and have a low risk, such as procurement seminar bag, apparel field, and a variety of uniforms for the needs of the agency, with a working system clean, transparent and can be monitored at any time and free from KKN, make cv media solutions as our best partners.success always for cv media solutions

Kukuh Hadiyatmo

Partnering with cv media solusi very convenient solution for proven clean transparant and honest, thus ensuring the creation of a corruption-free procurement collusion and nepotism. that's why we do not fear if it had cooperated with the media cv solutions that have a track record that .We will always fully support the company always uphold the integrity to keep from cases containing elements of corruption in the procurement of government goods and services

Ulp Kemenkeu RI



To contact us online can be through the form provided below, we meet strives to provide all the information you need in accordance with the competencies that we have with full happiness of our